If you are ordering prints from the 2009 season or older, please see the walmart.com ordering instructions.

Starting in the 2010 season the photos will be posted on shutterfly.com Follow the links on the page to the Shutterfly web page. You can order photos and picture disks on that page. We do not make any money on these orders. Please make sure to preview your prints so that you can crop the photos. Some photos may not fit on the picture media completely.

Click "HELP" here for the shutterfly help page HELP

Here are the general instructions:

Order Prints

If you do not have an account with shutterfly.com you should start by going the the web page to register and create an account.

Clink on the link under the game you which to order photos. This link will take you to the photos.

Sign into your account and follow the steps below.

Single-click on each picture to select it (or, double-click on a picture to preview and/or edit it.) You can also click 'All' in the upper right corner to select all of the pictures in an album. Once you have selected all the pictures you wish to order, click "Order Prints."

'Select sizes and quantities' page:
The default quantity and size in each order is one 4×6 print. To change the quantity and size for every image in the order at once make these adjustments in the 'Order options' box at the top of the page. You can also change the quantity and/or size of one picture at a time, using the quantity boxes next to each thumbnail image.
To remove a picture from your order, you can either change the quantity in the box to zero or click the 'Remove' link under the thumbnail. The pictures will be removed when you proceed to the next step. If you wish to add more pictures to your order, click the 'Add more pictures' link on the right side of the page and repeat the steps above.

Back-of-print message:
On the same page you can choose a back-of-print message. By default, the file name of the picture will be printed on the back of the print. You can instead choose to type in your own custom text, up to 80 characters. The message will be printed only on 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 prints and changes will be saved to your account.

Once all the sizes, quantities, finish, and messages have been set, click "Next" to move to the 'Select recipients' page. Here, you can either select an address from your address book (by clicking the check box next to the appropriate entry (or entries to send the prints to multiple recipients) or add a new address using the "Add new address" button. You can also choose to have your order printed for pick-up at your local Target store. To do this, look for the Target logo in the lower right corner and click the 'Find a store' link. Please note that only 4x6 glossy prints can be printed at a Target store. When you are finished selecting your recipient(s), click "Next" to continue.

'Shopping cart' page:
Review the shipping address and click the "Change" link to make any necessary changes. Be sure to review the details of each order for quantities, sizes, and costs, and click the "Review / Change" link to make any changes. Next, select a shipping method from the drop-down menu. We offer Standard, Priority, 2-Day, and Next Day options. Each option is paired with an estimated delivery period in days, and is also reflected below under the heading "For estimated arrival" (shown in date form).

You can review any discounts that have been applied to your order in the light blue box that appears below the order information. If an offer is not listed, click "See details" to view and select the offers available to you. If you have not yet entered a promotional code, find the box labeled "Enter code," type it in, and click "Apply." If you do not see your promotion being applied then it will not appear on your order and will not be applied after the order is placed. Please review the terms and conditions of the promotion to make sure you have qualified for the promotion or sale.

Once you have finished reviewing your order, click the "Go to Checkout" button.

'Checkout' page:
This is the final step prior to placing an order. There are two items to check: Choose a payment method (credit card or check) and redeem a gift certificate code (if you have one). If you are new you will be prompted to enter your credit card information; otherwise check your billing information to make sure it is valid. If it is not click on the "change" link to edit billing information. Any gift certificates available in your account will be automatically applied here (note: if a gift certificate is applying but you do not wish to use it on the order, click "Save for later" to remove it.) Once satisfied with the order total click "Place my order now" button. Your order has not been placed until the "Place my order now" button has been clicked and a confirmation page appears with an order number letting you know an order has been placed. If this page does not appear then please check your order history area or personal email to see if the order has been correctly placed. Please be sure to only click the "Place my order now" button once, as clicking it multiple times may result in multiple orders being placed.